New iPad Can Hit 116 Degrees

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The new iPad's temperature can hit 116 degrees during use, a leading consumer advocacy group reported.

Consumer Reports wrote that the new iPad can reach 116 degrees while running games. The group used a thermal imaging camera on several tests and recorded the temperature on both the front and back of the new iPad while it ran Infinity Blade II. The temperature reached its highest, 116 degrees, when it was plugged in. When it was unplugged the temperature was 113 degrees. (The room temperature was 72 degrees.) But the hottest areas were concentrated on a corner on the back of the new iPad. 

The new iPad is as much as 13 degrees hotter than the iPad 2. However, Consumer Reports did mention that the new iPad did not feel "especially uncomfortable if held for a brief period."
More disturbing was that Consumer Reports noticed the new iPad wasn't charging while the game was running even though it was plugged in. Instead, it continued to drain. The charger worked normally only if the iPad wasn't running a game.
Others have speculated that the heat comes from Apple more than doubling the number of LED lights to improve brightness and almost doubling the size of the new iPad's battery, according to CNET. 
"So, not only do the LEDs need two and a half times more power but the battery is going to run warmer," Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate Technologies, told CNET.
In order to make a more powerful display, Apple also created a big power drain. While it's arguable if this is worth returning the new iPad, it shows there are consequences for wanting more power and functionality in a small package.
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