New iPhone 5 Could Eat iPhone 4S

iPhone Consumer Reports

The new iPhone is longer, sleeker and with a 4-inch display that trumps the iPhone 4S, according to reports.

The news, complete with photos of a prototype, first came on a Japanese blog, but some American tech bloggers have their doubts about the photos. "I’m very skeptical in regards to these videos simply because rapid prototyping and sourcing is getting so simple these days anyone can carve out a convincing iPhone shell and take some good footage of it," wrote TechCrunch's John Biggs. But yet he still wrote about it.

Others claim that Apple will be using the new nano-SIM card standard, which is nearly half the size of a regular SIM card, Computerworld reported. This could mean the new iPhone will be significantly thinner than the last iPhone, even if it's a bit longer. And if both phones were animate, then the iPhone 5 could arguably swallow the iPhone 4S, although the skinny new iPhone may not want to put on any more weight.

I still don't know how many of these reports carry are credible, so readers should view them all skeptically. However, I do think that Apple will be having a big announcement shortly.

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