New Muppets Movie to Be Packed With Cameos

In keeping with the franchise's fine tradition, the next Muppets movie will be a veritable galaxy of stars.

"The Muppets," which already has Jason Segel in the lead and the likes of Amy Adams, Chris Cooper, Rashida Jones, Charles Grodin and Rachel Ray in the mix, is hoping to add Alan Arkin, Jack Black, Billy Crystal, Zach Galifianakis and Jean-Claude Van Damme to the supporting cast, reported Heat Vision.

As is often the case in these scenarios, the biggest headache is scheduling. Of course Jean-Claude Van Damme wants to be in a Muppets movie, it's just he's so damn busy. Through the years, everyone from David Arquette to Orson Welles has found time to appear in a Muppets movie, so we're guessing they'll make this work

The story, written by Segel and Nicholas Stoller, centers around Kermit and friends' efforts to put on a show to save their old theater, a la Weird Al Yankovich's "UHF," but with puppets.

The other day it was reported that Jane Lynch of "Glee" fame was added to the cast, but she's since shot down that rumor. Still, her involvement wouldn't come as a surprise

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