New Oscar Producer Already Feeling the Betty White Love

Newly crowned Oscar director and co-producer Don Mischer is already showing he's listening to the people. And the people want Betty White. They just haven't started shouting yet.

Like any good leader, Mischer seems more than willing to find a place for Betty White in the show. He said as much in an interview with the

When asked about the all important host position for the show, Mischer made it clear he recognized the Facebook love and grassroots swell that propelled White to host "Saturday Night Live."

"I'm sure we'll get a big push for Betty White," he said. "I can feel it coming."

Mischer made it clear he was open to the idea "in some capacity."  But didn't seem to be sold on the White as host idea.

"I don't know if she'd want to host the whole show," he said.

Mischer also made clear that the show will stay in February, despite reports that the program would move to January. It's already too late for that move.

"If you want to make that kind of change you have to plan for that a year and a half in advance," he said. "I understand why the academy might want to consider it. But it’s not going to change anything this year."

The extra month will give a chance Betty White to get in fighting shape after a Christmas lull. So bring on the campaign. White made the best "SNL" show in years, and she'd bring a vibrancy (and considerable audience) to the Oscars.

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