New Taco Bell Hotel Is Nacho Usual Desert Getaway

The pop-up hotel, which is themed to the fast food chain, will open in Palm Springs in August, for a limited time.

What to Know

  • Opens Aug. 9, 2019 for a limited time
  • Palm Springs location to be announced in June, when reservations open
  • Poolside bites, cocktails, and on-site salon will be themed to Taco Bell items

Ever claimed to your buds that you basically want to live inside your favorite restaurant forever?

That you'd use a tortilla for a blanket and a burrito for a pillow and your friends could come find you there, sitting on your couch made from nachos?

All obsessed foodies have had such a whimsical wish at one time or another, about a variety of dine-out favorites.

But for those Taco Bell buffs that can't get enough of Cheesy Gorditas or Chalupa Supremes, life is about to provide them a whimsical way to live at a Taco Bell, or at least spend the night.

For The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort is set to open, for a limited time, in Palm Springs this summer, and while the exact location hasn't yet been revealed, a few delicious details are fresh out of the fryer.


Poolside bites and cocktails will be available at the Taco Bell-themed destination, and, yes, they'll possess the chain's particular vibe, in name, ingredients, design, and such. 

It is a vibe that has had some 57 years to flourish, since that fateful day in 1962 that Glen Bell opened the first Taco Bell in Downey.

What else will this spicy stay-over offer its 18-and-over guests, beyond themed eats and drinks?

An on-site salon will be part of the pop-up, so if you're seeking "Taco Bell-inspired nail art, fades, and a braid bar," best book your appointments when you make your reservation.

And the guest rooms?

Well, you won't be sleeping under a real tortilla, if that's your outlandish dream, but count on several imaginative nods to the fast food titan filling the sleep-ready space, from Taco Bell's well-known design details to a definite hot-saucy style.

Bet the merch possibilities, too, will be as spicy as Fiesta Taco Salad. Even the "do not disturb" door hangers reflect the fiery-flavored focus of the hotel.

The opening date?

Aug. 9 is the box to circle on your calendar.

But again, this hotel won't stick around forever. It'll likely last longer than a Cheesy Potato Griller does, once that's warm and unwrapped, but don't delay if you want to check out this one-of-a-kind inn.

Best make your reservation when bookings open in June 2019.

That's also when the Palm Springs address of this hot-hot-hot hotel will be unwrapped, much like you unwrap a soon-to-be-eat Quesarito. 

Can you even wait, Taco-Bell-ists? Best break out a few hot sauce packets in celebration, the ones you stow in your kitchen drawer, and plan your Palm Springs getaway, the one that'll be as tasty as a tostada.

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