New York Trend: Living Together After Breaking Up

Sometimes it's not in the name of love, but in the name of a co-sign that couples are shacking up.

The New York Times is reporting on an uncomfortable phenomenon happening in New York City--being forced to cohabitate with your significant other after you've broken up. While this can happen anywhere, it's especially frequent in a place where most people struggle to afford their rent. Sky-high prices expedite the process of couples moving in together, whether they are ready or not. 
Cassandra Seale and Mike Byhoff, the Times writes, moved in together in 2010 after about a year of dating. "Part of the reason why the relationship accelerated was that he was in the Lower East Side and it was really convenient for me to stay there, like all the time," Seale said.
So maybe it's not in the name of love, but in the name of a co-sign that these couples are shacking up. But when things go sour, as they so often do, it can be impossible to remedy the situation, depending on the severity of the breakup. 
Seal said she resulted to walking the dog for eight hours a day as to not bump into her ex, and coming home the next morning after a night with a new date was extremely awkward. 
Ivana Tagliamonte, an agent with Halstead Property, tells the story of a couple sharing a studio for which only the woman had signed the lease. When the couple broke up, the woman moved out, but the man stopped paying the lease. Tagliamonte was the one to tell the woman that her credit was being destroyed by her ex, who was technically squatting in a home she was supposed to be paying for. 
Living together is a test of love for most couples--one that New Yorkers are forced to address early on. Read the full story in the Times.
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