Nic Cage Running Back to Open Arms of Schumacher, Kidman and $7 Million

UPDATE: Less than 24 hours after news broke that Nic Cage had dropped out of "Trespass," the hostage thriller to be directed by Joel Shcumacher and Nicole Kidman, the actor has returned, not just to the film, but the part he was originally cast in, reported Deadline. Deep breath, Nic, you can do this.

Just two weeks before he was to start shooting a new film with director Joel Schumacher and co-starring Nicole Kidman, Nic Cage it seems has opted instead for the beach.

Cage, who had a $7 million payday riding on the movie, was scheduled to head down to Louisiana later this month to begin filming "Trespass," but backed out at the last minute, reportedly heading off to the Bahamas, according to Deadline.

Cage's dithering had already set the film back. He was originally slated to play Kidman's husband in the film about a married couple taken hostage and held for ransom, but then decided he would rather play the kidnappers' ringleader before backing out altogether. The role of the husband has since been offered to Liev Schreiber ("Salt"), who has yet to accept.

So now Millennium Pictures has two weeks to find a new star or will probably have to scrap the whole project, which would likely lead to a lawsuit being brought against Cage, who is already struggling to pay down a debt owed to the IRS that had reached $14 million.

There's speculation that the stress of the debt, the heavy workload that it's required of him and the massive press push for "Sorcerer's Apprentice" have left Cage burnt out. Who knows? But this hardly seems like his best play.

Cage gave a brilliant performance sending up Adam West's Batman in "Kick-Ass" earlier this year, but "Sorcerer's" was a huge disappointment, both commercially and artistically. Cage also has four more films in the can: "The Hungry Rabbit Jumps," "Drive Angry 3D," Season of the Witch" and "The Croods."

Maybe the dude does need a break.

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