Nicki Minaj Deactivates Twitter Account After Feud With Fans

Nicki Minaj deleted her Twitter account in a huff after spats with fans

Even Barbie has a breaking point.

"Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good [expletive] bye," Barbie-inspired rapper Nicki Minaj tweeted before deleting her Twitter account Sunday, Us Weekly reported.

Earlier Sunday, Minaj had gotten embroiled in Twitter arguments with fans over fan site, which was leaking music from Minaj’s latest album "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded."

After the MC blocked it, shut down and closed its Twitter feed. On Sunday the site posted CLOSED in big letters and the song “Dear Old Nicki,” reported.

Minaj's retirement from Twitter may also have had something to do with the heat she caught over her comments about her father Omar Maraj during an interview with ABC's "Nightline" last week.

"My father was abusive. We were afraid for [my mother's] life because whenever he would have a real bad outburst, he would threaten to kill her," Minaj told "Nightline."

"I wished he was dead," she added. "I wanted to kill him."

Minaj's father decried his daughter's comments, and according to TMZ, sources close to the family called her description of abuse "exaggerated." Minaj has not commented on her father's response.

Maybe the pink-loving rapper just needed a break from spectators. Should she change her mind and want to keep tweeting, she has 30 days to reactive her Twitter account before losing all 11 million of her followers.

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