Dress Designer Could Be Royal Contender

She's worked for the royals before and wants to again.

It’s the question all royal watchers are asking: Who will design Kate Middleton's wedding gown?
A Northern California designer put her name on the list and she not only got a response, she apparently caught the eye of the future royal herself.

Dress designer and seamstress Sylvia Guraydin worked for the royal family as a dressmaker in the in 1960s. 

She now works with brides in the Sacramento suburb of Rancho Cordova.

She said when she heard about Prince William's engagement she thought she had nothing to lose so she sent some sketches of a dress she designed for the occasion straight to Buckingham Palace.

"I wasn’t expecting a response but I did get one," Guraydin said.

A letter marked private and confidential from St. James Palace, where the royals live, read:

Ms. Middleton was most interested in your work we very appreciated you taking the trouble to write.
While Guraydin she never heard anything further, she thinks she may have gotten the royals attention because her sister, who lives in England, said the press kept talking about an "anonymous English person" who they were thinking of having do the dress.

No one knows for sure whom the 29 year old will be wearing when she marries Prince William.  When we asked if there was a piece of her that wonders if the minute Middleton walks out of that carriage, she will be wearing a Guraydin dress she answered, "No I don’t think I am that foolish to think that, but you don’t know because no one is going to say."

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