“Norwegian Ninja” Is on Its Way!

From the producers of "Dead Snow," perhaps the greatest Nazi zombie film ever made, comes "Norwegian Ninja," which tells the true-ish story of the fighting force that kept the Land of the Midnight Sun safe during the Cold War.

The synopsis from the film's official website, which uses its original Norwegian title:

Kommandør Treholt & Ninjatroppen is the true story of how Commander Arne Treholt and his Ninja Force saved Norway during the Cold War. The story takes place in the time right before Treholt’s arrest on espionnage charges in 1984, and reveals a spectacularly different version of our recent past than has been previously known.

The trailer for the film, which producers brought to Cannes, offers up a hilarious mix of "Top Secret"-esque antics, super cheesy effects and Norwegian Ninjas.


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