Now On Home Video: “Karate Kid,” “Mad Max” and Freddy Krueger

The films out on Blu-ray and DVD this week are loaded with '80s nostalgia, horror tropes played for scares and laughs, and two movies about a doctors with some radical ideas -- one of which is arguably the most disgusting film in a decade. Also in the mix is one all-time classic. Let's take a look...

Rachel Weisz stars as Hypatia, a mathematician and philosopher in ancient Roman Egypt, who tries to fight the rise of Christianity that threatens the wisdom of the old world. Sounds exciting. Now on DVD, watch the trailer

"Holy Rollers"
Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Bartha star in this true-ish story about a Hasidic kid who begins dealing Ecstacy, a film that raises questions of religion and imperviousness, but more than anything is a study in escalated adolescence and some of the best work several of these actors have done despite a lackluster script. Now on DVD, read our full review and watch the trailer

"Human Centipede"
The most notorious film of 2010 comes to home video. If you’ve remained unaware of this film we won’t ruin things for you with a synopsis, suffice to say it’s beyond disgusting. Now on Blu-ray and DVD, go find the trailer on your own, we won't be a part of it

"The Karate Kid"
Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan step repalce Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita for the retelling of the beloved ‘80s karate drama about a young kid who moves to a new town and makes his bones by learning how to hurt people. Now on Blu-ray and DVD, watch the trailer

"Mad Max" (1980)
The film that made Mel Gibson a star, tells the story of a cop out for vengeance on the vicious buker gang that killed his family. Indie filmmaking at its very best. Now on Blu-ray, watch the trailer

"A Nightmare on Elm Street"
Connie Briton, Jackie Earle Haley and Rooney Mara star in this week’s second remake of an ‘80s classic, this one about a janitor who came back from the dead to avenge his murder at the hands of vigilantes. The original launched the career of Johnny Depp, could Mara get the same kind of bounce? Now on Blu-ray and DVD, watch the trailer

"The Oxford Murders"
Elijah Wood and John Hurt co-star as a student and mentor duo who discover a murdered a body and join forces to solve what turns out to be a string of deaths marked by mathematical symbols. Now on Blu-ray and DVD, watch the trailer

"Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead"
A teeny-tiny indie comedy, starring Jake Hoffman, Devon Aoki and John Ventimiglia, about two of Shakespeare’s most beloved buffoons. Now on DVD, watch the trailer

"The Secret of Kells"
This Oscar-nominated animated film, which takes its look from the eighth-century manuscript “The Book of Kells,” tells the story of a young boy in Ireland who takes refuge in a monastery after Vikings kill his parents. Now on Blu-ray and DVD, watch the trailer

Adrien Brody and Sarah Polly are a pair of brilliant biochemists who learn the hard way what happens when you try to create half-human hybrids in a Petri dish. Now on Blu-ray and DVD, watch the trailer

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