Ohio Man Accused of Bombing Attack on Boyfriend of Woman Who Spurned His Romantic Interest

The suspect and victim's girlfriend knew each other through the live role-play game Dagorhir, feds say

Steve Helber/AP Photo

An Ohio man, who played the live-action role-playing game Dagorhir, delivered a pipe bomb to severely wound the boyfriend of a woman who spurned his romantic interest, authorities said Thursday.

Clayton Alexander McCoy, 30, a resident of Chesterland, was arrested and charged with transporting an explosive device with intent to injure and using a destructive device in a violent crime, according to a federal criminal complaint.

The victim was seriously injured after opening a package bomb inside his Manchester, Maryland, home on Oct. 30, authorities said.

Dagorhir is a live-action role-playing battle game with full-contact melee fighting between players wearing medieval-style garb and wielding weapons made of foam or other lightweight, harmless material.

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