Old Sac: New ‘Gold Fever!’ Tours

Play a character and dig deeply into what living in the time of the Gold Rush was like.


IT'S A FACT, that when you go on a trip, or a quick getaway, or even an afternoon-long outing, you're you. You still have your own particular history, and quirks, and traits, and that's how it will be whether you're at home or away on an adventure. But, sometimes, if the place and circumstances are right, and you alight in a location with a storied past, and interesting ways to connect to that past, you nab the chance to be someone else for a little while. Call it role-playing, or play-acting, or simply assuming the name and details of someone from a couple of centuries back. And call it Gold Fever!, the newest of the Old Sacramento, get-to-know-the-Gold-Rush offerings. It's a...

FRESH TOUR... for the 2017 season, which always revs up when the weather warms up. Opening date is Saturday, April 1 — no fooling — and Gold Fever! is expected to wrap up around December, with an asterisk attached (the tours will look to the seasons and weather for their cues). How Gold Fever! will work? Tour guests will "...take on the persona of a character in history — or a 'real-life rascal'..." and discover the great lengths Gold-Rushers went to to find their personal pot of wealth at the end of the proverbial rainbow.

ROLLICKING YARNS, with a dose of hard reality, are, of course, part of any Gold Rush-themed tour, and who you'll play, and what they did/achieved/plotted, will likely have been quite memorable. It's a $10-per-adult, $6-per-kid weekend to-do, with a start/end at the Sacramento Visitors Center. So, who will you be in Old Sac? You'll surely be yourself as you arrive and leave, but, for a few minutes, you'll have assumed the cloak of a long-ago local figure. 

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