iPhone 6: Only 350 Days Away!

Not ready for this year's iPhone? More functionality likely in the offing next year.

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iPhone 5 is already passé. We know it will have a bigger screen, yet a smaller adaptor port. It will come in black -- possibly white.

Yawn. As the Washington Post points out the new iPhone is just Apple playing catch-up to competitors in screen size and access to LTE.

(So why buy an iPhone instead of a Galaxy? Because the true innovation of the iPhone is in its third party apps. Apple's library of more than a half million apps is the true source of its appeal.)

Apple needs a leap-frog event. Considering it's been 343 days between previous releases, let's assume there's another iPhone to be announced Oct. 10, 2013.

iPhone 5S seems too much like a typo, so let' s call it iPhone 6. What should be in iPhone6?

What Apple needs is something to set its hardware apart once again -- something that pops it ahead of the bigger selling Samsung.

1) Respect Laws of Thermodynamics

Just shy of perpetual motion, it should generate its own power. The most likely technology would be generation through motion. Curiously, the US Navy has a patent on that technology. Solar cells are another route and Apple already has that patent as well as one for fuel cells.

2) Nearly There

It should contain an NFC chip (that can be turned off if you're a tin-foil hat sort of person). Near-field communication would allow you to "tap" your phone on a reader at a store's checkout to pay for items. Many expected it in the iPhone5.

3) Flock of iPhones

It should enable "flocking" phones: iPhones able to communicate with each other anonymously to take advantage of the fact there are so damn many of them. If you don't have signal at the bottom of the hill, your phone should be able to use mine at the top of the hill as a repeater.

Don't worry about the drain on the battery because the iPhone is constantly charging, remember? Perhaps I get a micro-payment everytime someone jumps on my signal.

4) Absolute, Rock-Solid Traceability

In the event the phone is stolen, you want to be able to locate it. Quick-like.

Yes, "find my iPhone" works well and occasionally nabs a bad guy. But considering that the theft of Apple products (awesome video here) is so common, a better system really should be in place.

5) Bio-recognition

Whe I pick up my iPhone 6, it works. Someone else picks up my iPhone, it doesn't work. The phone should recognize its owner, bypassing security measures and springing to life, instantly.

6) Something in a Pastel?

How about some colors? A nice lime green perhaps? 

7) Waterproof

Nine percent of phone replacements are due to the phone falling in the toilet, according to a study by Gazelle,

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