Oooh Over Mission Inn’s Sparkly Valentine’s Décor

Red, white, and pink details festoon the Riverside landmark throughout February.

The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa

NEARLY 5 MILLION LIGHTS, seen around the holidays, can make quite the impression on a viewer. In fact, if you've ever called upon The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa from the day after Thanksgiving to the first week of January, and you've been there after sundown, you can likely describe, in dazzling detail, all that you saw, even if it has been a few years since you've seen it. For millions of twinkly bulbs, and cheery animatronic figures, and other festive touches have a way of staying with a person (and, yes, they also have a way of making the Mission Inn a must-see for thousands of Californians and travelers come the yuletide season). But, not long after the animatronic angels and red/green gewgaws have been stored, another heartwarmer of a holiday appears, right around the middle of February. You might guess that the historic Riverside property wants to celebrate Valentine's Day, and you'd be correct, and if you guessed they'd keep the Valentine's vibe bright...

ALL FEBRUARY LONG, you'd be right again. For this is a hotel that likes to do it up in a grand style, and simply festooning the balconies and entrance in red, white, and pink prettiness for a single day is not the Mission Inn's m.o., nope. You'll find the Valentine's-style decorations up throughout the 28 days of February, and you'll also encounter such events as the Romance Tour, which is all about telling the story of "...historic moments from Old Hollywood couples on the property," to the wedding showcase on Feb. 11. Are you and your sweetheart hoping to road trip somewhere heartsy and happy and incredibly historic during February? The Mission Inn, in Mission-Inn-y grandeur, is going the decoration-filled distance to make Valentine's Month a special one for visitors to the storied property.

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