Oracle Ordered to Pay Google $1 Million

The judge in the Oracle vs. Google trial decided to forget searching for journalists paid off by the two companies and instead focus on the bottom line -- that Oracle needs to pay Google $1 million.

Judge William Alsup said on Tuesday that the court would  "take no further action" about the bloggers for pay, according to ZDNet. However, the judge did ask that Oracle pay Google $1 million  to cover the expenses for court expert Dr. James Kearl. Google had asked the court  to compel Oracle to pay $4 million in legal costs, but the judge struck down that offer.

However, all other requests for costs were granted because Google was the "prevailing party," according tot he report.

While the court case is over, the two companies are still bickering over the bones of the carcass and Google looks to be in the better position. While it didn't get the $4 million it wanted, it received a little more than a $1 million -- and that's not bad for scavenging.

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