Oreo Comes Out for Gay Rights, Boycott Calls Follow

What is arguably America's favorite cookie has baked up some controversy by taking a stand on gay marriage.

Oreo posted an image of a rainbow colored cookie on its Facebook page on Monday with a message that reads "proudly support love!"

The gesture has stirred emotions on both sides with some thanking the Nabisco-owned company for taking a public stand on the controversial issue and others calling for a boycott of the

chocolate and creme filled cookie for getting political.

"Guess what I'm boycotting now?" Aaron Giddens, a Facebook user, responded to the image. "Don't
get political Oreo."

The post got more than 221,579 likes and 67,531 shares on Facebook as of Wednesday morning. But
there were also more than 36,000 comments on the post, with opinions on both sides.

The cookie company has more than 26 million fans on the Menlo-Park based social-networking company.

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