Palm Springs Getaway: “Forever Marilyn” Package

The 26-foot-tall sculpture is still in the desert, and a local hotel wants you to see it.

AN ICONIC ARTWORK MUST BID ADIEU: There are few treats nicer for the busy art lover than an extended stay for a famous artwork that's only visiting a certain region. You mean to drive to wherever it is, and see it, before it goes, but... Yeah. Time runs away from you and suddenly you're saying "wait?! That piece left already? But it just got here?" Trust that many a person around California will say that when the 26-foot-tall "Forever Marilyn" sculpture says goodbye to Palm Springs, the town it has called home since the spring of 2012. But the artwork, which pays skirt-blowing homage to the most famous of all Marilyns, was only ever meant to be a temporary visitor. Yes, there've been a couple of extensions -- doesn't everyone try and prolong their vacation to Palm Springs, just a little? -- but now she's well and truly heading out in spring 2014. Which means that everyone who has been waiting to see it, thinking there's time, better hightail it for the desert. And if you want to stay the night? There's always the...

"FAREWELL, MARILYN" PACKAGE: The Hyatt Palm Springs is offering a guest-nice deal for its Hollywood-enthralled visitors. The extras? A gratis bottle of Marilyn Merlot and a photo of the movie star in the very pose that the tall sculpture, which is located in downtown Palm Springs, is paying tribute to (it's from "The Seven Year Itch," of course). A Marilyn Monroe cocktail in the hotel's patio eatery is on the benes list, too. Cost starts at $199 for a night, which is about "a 30% savings." Good stuff. You'll have extra dough to buy a white halter dress and recreate the pose in front of the sculpture. Or do you already own one? Better get out to the desert and fast to see the great and gargantuan artwork.

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