Half of Parents Use Facebook to Snoop on Kids


More than half of all parents use Facebook to snoop on their kids and 11 percent joined the social network specifically to check up on their children, a recent study reported.

The online graphic by OnlineSchools.com, shows that 55 percent of parents snoop on Facebook and they don't stop there. (However, 5 percent of parents said they would check up on their kids if only they knew how to use Facebook.) OnlineSchools used the Bullguard Internet Security Survey, which surveyed 2,000 Internet users across the United Kingdom, to create an infographic on parental spying which shows most parents poring over status updates, wall postings and tagged photos. But parents don't limit their snooping to Facebook -- 76 percent browse their kids' Internet history, 23 percent look at sent e-mail and 21 percent peruse instant messages.

Some parents are trying to snoop legitimately. Sixteen percent of parents attempt to friend their child on Facebook, but about a third are rejected. Those kids are grounded!

So, kids, if you think Mom is looking over your shoulder trying to decipher your password or read your news feed  -- you're probably right.

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