Paris Hilton Walks Out of ABC News Interview

Paris Hilton clearly doesn't think her moment is over.

The reality TV star sat down for an interview with ABC News' Dan Harris that covered a broad range of topics. But once the subject came around to her possibly waning celebrity status -- and whether women such as Kim Kardashian have overshadowed her -- Hilton simply up and walked out.

"Want to wrap up?" asked Harris, when Hilton silently looked off-camera for a few moments following the question. She then wordlessly got out of her chair and stepped away.

Prior to the walk-out, however, Hilton actually opened up about some intriguing aspects of her life and career - including her harrowing stalker case and the notion that her "Simple Life" persona was actually not her at all, but a premeditated character.

"It's a character I developed for the 'Simple Life'," claims Hilton of the baby-talking, whiny "character." "They wanted someone who was an airhead and had the baby voice, so that's a character that I had to do and continued to do for five seasons."

Hilton's newest reality venture, "The World According to Paris" on Oxygen, has struggled in the ratings since it's debut earlier this year.

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