PayPal Launches New Logo for New Services

Mashable says PayPal changed its logo to not be confused with parking signs, but others say that it's a new logo to go with the e-commerce company's new services.

PayPal's new logo will literally capitalizing on its two P's, bluing them up and clearing away any white space, courtesy of design firm fuseproject. Its new brand campaign, "Powering the People Economy" was created by Havas Worldwide and will debut in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia, according to a statement from PayPal. PayPal is owned by eBay.

PayPal president David Marcus said the new logo was essential for its new services.

"The new in-context checkout experience that we're rolling out globally [and] a bunch of new experiences across all of our products—as we push all of these experiences out there, we wanted to have a better identity with a new modern design,” Marcus told ReadWrite. "There's a lot of integration that has to happen at the merchant level as well. We might as well do it at a time when we don't have to go back to these guys and say, 'Update your buttons because we have a new identity.’"

The new logo is needed because PayPal will be used on numerous devices including smartphones, smartwatches or TVs, so its new logo has to be easily readable on all kinds of apps. The "redesign creates a cohesive look and feel across the brand," PayPal stated.

Marcus is correct in assuming that a company needs to have its ducks in a row before launching any new services -- although some do not, which can lead to user problems or issues.

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