Car Runs Into Chanting Protesters in Riverside

At least one protester was injured Saturday night when a driver ran into a group of demonstrators chanting in a Riverside roadway and then took off, police said.

Cellphone video taken by a witness showed a dark-colored BMW driving through the group of demonstrators standing at the intersection of Mission Inn Avenue and Market Street about 6:30 p.m.

Officials with the Riverside Police Department said one of the protesters suffered minor injuries. The car may have rolled over the feet of two demonstrators.

The group of about 50 was demonstrating as part of anti-police brutality protests happening across the country.

Investigators were trying to figure out whether the car intentionally drove into the crowd. The driver did not stop to talk with protesters or police.

Hundreds of people were in the area for the annual Festival of Lights event at the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa.

Investigators said they have a partial license plate . They planned to look at traffic cameras and surveillance video to try and determine if and how the driver was at fault.

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