1 Dog, Over 100 Fish and Birds Dead in Koreatown Pet Store Fire: LAFD

Firefighters evacuated animals from a smoking pet store at the base of a Koreatown apartment building Saturday morning, but couldn't save all of them, officials said.

One dog, about 20 birds and 100 fish died amid heavy smoke at Western Pets at 6th Street and Western Avenue, according to Los Angeles Fire Department officials.

Finches, cockatiels, parakeets, parrots and one English bulldog were lost in the fire, Battalion Chief Jamie Moore said.

The 8:20 a.m. fire was confined to the store, the Los Angeles Fire Department tweeted. No injuries to people living above the store were reported in the three-story apartment building, which was being flooded with smoke.

Animals were evacuated by firefighters, according to the tweet.

The fire was put out just before 9 a.m., 36 minutes after it was reported, the department tweeed, but a spokeswoman said animals were still being taken out of the store after the flames were extinguished. Forty-one firefighters battled the blaze.

Fire officials requested animal control workers come help shelter the animals.

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