Peter Jackson Says “The Hobbit” Could Finally Be Underway Soon

Getty Images

"The Hobbit" has suffered more stops and starts than anyone cares to recount, but Peter Jackson seems to think it may at last be freed from limbo.

Warner Bros. is "making progress untangling the MGM situation, so we should have certainty with 'The Hobbit' sometime soon," Jackson told The Dominion Post.

Jackson went on to say that the issue of who will direct should be cleared up soon enough, thereby allowing him a chance to map out a five-year plan, one would that also include the second "Tintin" film and possibly a WW I epic.

It turns out that Jackson's been toying with an idea for a film about the Anzacs -- the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps -- who fought at the WW I battle chronicled in Mel Gibson's "Gallipoli."

"I choke back the tears every time I watch it," said Jackson.

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