Pie + Family + Booze


GROWN-UP TABLE: Have you graduated to the grown-up table at your family's annual holiday feast? It's a big moment. Some people make the grown-up table long before they reach adulthood; some are never invited. But those who do have a special place at the big table, year after year, still can find themselves relegated to a spring-pokey couch bed in the basement. If this is you, and if you don't relish spending a handful of nights trying to find the exact spot where springs don't pinch your back, best make for a sleep situation that's worthy of one who now sits at the grown-up table. Hotel Palomar is offering a deal that's tailored to holiday gatherings who find that the house has gotten a bit too full.

PIE + BOOZE + FAMILY: That's the deal's memorable moniker. It starts at $229, and in addition to your room you get pie -- pie! -- or preserves to show with, meaning your contribution to the family meal will be a snap. No looking for open stores on various holidays. You also get a bottle of Wild Turkey, and whether you keep that or gift it is up to you (we suspect most people will vote the former). Here are more details. Missing the spring in your back yet? And that one uncle who watches TV in the next room for the better part of the night? Thought not. Be with your family and love them during the day but get some good sleep after dark.

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