Pixelworks Gets Bump from Apple

Getty Images

Once HD processing company Pixelworks revealed that Apple was providing more than 10 percent of its revenue in 2013, its stock price ballooned. 

After the news became public Thursday, Pixelworks' stock price went up 80 percent, according to Forbes. While the numbers itself is not impressive -- Pixelworks' total revenue was $48 million -- the bigger speculation is what Pixelworks is making for the Cupertino, Calif. company. Is it the new Apple TV

Pixelworks creates and develops semiconductors, software and other ways to process digital video. It also can optimize screen size and deliver high-definition video with a substantially lower energy consumption. The  San Jose-based Pixelworks was founded in 1997 and employs 223 people.
While this new move could mean that a new Apple TV is coming, it could also easily be that Pixelworks is working on improving video playback on the iPhone or iPad. Either way could both be a win for consumers.
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