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Politicians Shot Throughout American History



    Politicians Shot Throughout American History

    Throughout history, politicians have been shot over matters ranging from election results to controversial policy decisions. Most politicians caught in the line of fire died instantly or a few days later, however some have survived the attack. Below are a few of the politicians who have been shot in American history. 

    Date of IncidentNameTitleDetails
    July 11, 1804Alexander HamiltonU.S. Secretary of the TreasuryDied in a duel with Aaron Burr
    February 24, 1838Jonathan CilleyU.S. RepresentativeDied in a duel with William J. Graves
    September 13, 1859David BroderickFormer U.S. SenatorShot by David S. Terry during a duel and died three days later.
    April 15, 1865Abraham Lincoln16th U.S. PresidentShot by Confederate sympathizer, John Wilkes Booth, at Ford's theatre
    July 2, 1881James A. Garfield20th U.S. PresidentShot by Carles J. Guiteau in Washington, D.C., and died eleven weeks later in Elberon, New Jersey
    January 29, 1889John M. ClaytonU.S. RepresentativeAn unknown assailant shot him through the window of a local boardinghouse
    August 14,1889David S. TerryChief of the Supreme Court of CaliforniaAfter assaulting Supreme Court Justice Stephen Field, Terry was shot by Field's bodyguard, David B. Neagle, in Stockton, California.
    October 28, 1893Carter Harrison Sr.Mayor of ChicagoMurdered by Patrick Eugene Prendergast in his home
    January 30, 1900William Goebel34th Governor of KentuckyShot in the chest, killing him four days later. The assassin is not conclusively identified.
    September 6, 1901William McKinley25th U.S. PresidentShot by Leon Czolgosz, a New York anarchist, and died two days later
    April 24, 1905John M PinckneyU.S. RepresentativeShot by J.N. Brown when Pinckney tried to break up a fight over a prohibition petition
    October 14, 1912Theodore Roosevelt26th U.S. PresidentShot by John Flammang Schrank, but survived thanks to the bullet hitting his steel eyeglass case and 50-page speech
    March 6, 1933Anton CermakFormer Mayor of ChicagoShot in the lung by Giuseppe Zangara who might have been attempting to assassinate FDR.
    September 8, 1935Huey LongFormer Governor of LouisianaShot by Carl Weiss and died two days later in hospital
    September 20, 1937Henry Denhart34th Lieutenant GovernorShot to death in Shelbyville, Shelby County, Kentucky
    March 1, 1954Alvin Morell BentleyU.S. RepresentativeShot in the chest, but survived, at the U.S.Capitol
    June 18, 1954Albert PattersonAttorney GeneralAn unidentified assailant shot him in the mouth as he left his law office in Phenix City.
    November 22, 1963John F. Kennedy35th U.S. PresidentAssassinated in Dallas, Texas, by Lee Harvey Oswald
    June 5, 1968Robert F KennedyFormer U.S. SenatorShot by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan the night he won the California primary
    May 15 1972George WallaceFormer Governor of AlabamaShot by Arthur Bremer while campaigning in Laurel, Maryland
    January 1973John C.StennisFormer U.S. SenatorShot twice by two teenagers outside his Washington home
    November 1978Jackie SpeierU.S. RepresentativeShot five times in the Jonestown massacre, but survived
    November 1978Leo RyanU.S. RepresentativeShot and killed in the Jonestown massacre
    November 27, 1978George MosconeFormer Mayor of San FranciscoKilled by Dan White for not appointing him to the Board of Supervisors
    November 27, 1978Harvey MilkSan Francisco City Board of SupervisorsDan White shot him in the head while inside Milk's office
    March 14 1980Allard K LowensteinU.S. RepresentativeMurdered in his office by a mentally ill gunman, Dennis Sweeney
    March 30, 1981Ronald Reagan40th U.S. PresidentShot by John Hinckley Jr. outside a hotel in Washington D.C and survived with the bullet narrowly missing his heart.
    August 31 1983Larry McDonaldU.S. RepresentativeKilled when Soviet fighters shot down his plane on his way to Seoul.
    June 15 1993John ConnallyFormer Governor of TexasWounded while riding in President Kennedy's car the day he was assassinated
    October 19 1998Tommy BurksU.S. RepresentativeAssassinated by Byron Looper on Burk's property.
    August 13, 2008Bill GwatneyState Chair of the Democratic PartyKilled by Timothy Dale Johnson in Little Rock, Arkansas
    January 8, 2011Gabrielle GiffordsFormer US RepresentativeShot in the head in Casas Abodes, Arizona by Jared Lee Loughner
    June 14, 2017Steve ScaliseU.S. RepresentativeWhile practicing on the Republican congressional baseball team, Scalise was shot by James T. Hodgkinson