Pop Goes to Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame

Normal 0 Iggy Pop and his groundbreaking band The Stooges will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Monday.

The misfit front man and his merry band of rockers have finally been admitted on their eighth attempt, though Pop was convinced the induction would never occur.

"I kept telling the guys over and over: 'We're not gonna get in, guys.' Yeah. I was absolutely sure of that," Pop said in an interview.

But they are in, and The Stooges, who are often credited as the fathers of punk rock, will finally take their official place in music history alongside ABBA, Geneisis, Jimmy Cliff and The Hollies. 

The Stooges are known for their outrageously wild live stage antics, led by the usually-shirtless Iguana. Pop is known to mutilate himself on stage, shout obscenities at the audience, and expose his genitals. He's also one of the first rockers to ever stage dive.

During his first show with the Stooges on Halloween in 1967, Pop rubbed peanut butter and raw stakes over his bare torso and gouged broken glass into his skin.

The induction ceremony will take place this Monday in New York City and features performances by Chris Isaak, Adam Levine and Faith Hill.

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