Pop Stars Hit Facebook Hard Before VMAs

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Pop stars are hitting their Facebook accounts hard in the weeks before MTV's Video Music Awards in hopes of garnering a coveted Moonman.

Several singers, such as Pink and Nicki Minaj, are reportedly asking fans to head to the MTV website to vote for them, according to The Independent (U.K.) The leader of the pack with the largest increase of fans this week, according to data from Famecount, was singer Pink followed by Minaj and Rihanna.

The data from social media analysts shows that Pink gained the most fans over the week prior to August 16 with 1,683,303 new Facebook fans. The closest musician to Pink was Nicki Minaj with 870,522 fans followed AC/DC with 717,759 fans - though the inclusion of the veteran rockers was not directly related to the awards. . . .The popularity of the awards among Facebook users is illustrated by Pink's post regarding the VMAs, which so far has attracted nearly 10,000 ‘likes' alone.

Singer Minaj is also shamelessly trolling for VMA votes, with her Facebook page linking to her post "Nicki Minaj Wants Your VMA Votes!" can attest.

Looking over Famecount, Lady Gaga has the highest number of followers  -- more than 42 million on Facebook alone (and she is also up for a VMA) but isn't actively fishing for votes. However, Gaga is extremely active on social media and responsive to fans -- probably the reason her fans will likely vote for her without any prompting.

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