Portland Couple Fights for Tiny House on Wheels

Portland's Bureau of Development Services wants this couple to move its tiny home on wheels

A Portland, Oregon couple's tiny house is causing a big problem with the city.

Claire Teasdale and Bennett Frazier love their trendy, tiny home because it allows them to live on Claire's father's property, getting their water and electricity from his home as well, which is very cost-effective.

But last month, Portland's Bureau of Development Services contacted them, saying that because the house has wheels, it qualifies as a recreational vehicle and can only sit in an RV park, reported NBC affiliate KGW.

They are trying to work out the issue with the city, but in the meantime they have moved out. Altering the house could cost them upwards of $30,000.

With this being a common issue in Portland, incoming Mayor Ted Wheeler has said he will address it when he takes office next year.

Read more at KGW.

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