This Sunday: Drew Brown, Dr. David Shlaes, Maggie Shiels

Drew Brown mines Craigslist for interesting ads and turns them into hilarious videos.  From Ninja for Hire to the just painfully awkward Trista and Tara's Missed Connection, Brown is uploading comedy gold to the internet.
He sits down with our reporters, Maggie Shiels of the BBC and Deborah Gage of Dow Jones VentureWire.


Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss were back in federal court this week, trying to undo a settlement with Facebook that netted them $140 million.  The twins claim they have been fooled by Mark Zuckerberg twice: once he took the idea of Facebook from them and again during the settlement, which they say was undervalued.
San Jose Mercury News legal correspondent Howard Mintz has been covering the case from the start.


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