Prop Zero Links: Thursday, July 22


Closer Look at Oakland's Medical Pot Plan: Cannabis factories raise new questions when it comes to the state's medical marijuana law. [The Bay Citizen]

Taking Aim at AB1934: Some gun rights advocates say the open-carry ban could actually mean more guns on the street. [Capitol Weekly]

If You Thought the Paychecks Were Big...: Wait until you see the pensions of a few Bell city officials. [LA Times]

Mortgage Defaults Drop: They're at a three-year low, according to market researcher MDA DataQuick. [Sacramento Bee]

Fighting Potholes and Gridlock With Fees:
Voters in Contra Costa County will consider increased car registration fees to fix problems on the road. [Contra Costa Times]

Bill Would Ban CSU DNA Collection: The bill would prevent the schools from requesting genetic material from students. [The Daily Californian]

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