Prop Zero Links: Tuesday, Aug. 3

Hoop Dreams Do Come True: Especially if you're a lawmaker who received game tickets from lobbyists. [LA Times]

$99 Million and Counting:
Meg Whitman moves closer to Michael Bloomberg territory when it comes to campaign spending. [Politico] | [OC Register]

Climate a Big Draw on Ballot: Environmentalists and oil companies are throwing a lot of money into their campaigns for and against Prop 23. [SF Gate]

Free Speech at Charter Schools: Lawmakers ok'd legislation Monday that protects free-speech rights at the schools. The legislation stemmed from a case at the Orange County High School of the Arts. [California Watch]

Co-ed Dorm Rooms: Many students have a new question to consider when filling out housing requests this summer. [Sacramento Bee]

Federal Government and Oakland: Mention the two in the same breath -- inhaling or exhaling -- and it probably involves marijuana. [The Bay Citizen]


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