Prop Zero Links: Wednesday, June 2

Governor to Education Secretary: The governor says California is just too big to be ignored when it comes to education funding and reform. [The Educated Guess]

Off the Air: It will be nothing but Internet appeals and phone calls from here on out for GOP Senate candidate Tom Campbell. [LA Times]

You Have 30 Seconds, Go:
Janice Hahn refers to her father and Gavin Newsom touts his green record as the candidates for lieutenant governor roll out their TV spots. [Sacramento Bee]

Thelma and Louise Meets Meg and Carly: If the two candidates win June 8, there will be plenty of story lines from which to choose. [Calbuzz]

Banner Day: That wasn't a campaign sign that flew overhead during Meg Whitman's rally in Southern California. [Political Ticker]

880,000: That's the number of Californians who among the long-term unemployed, according to the Employment Development Department. Their ranks more than doubled in the past year. [Sacramento Bee]

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