Thousands of Bernie Sanders Supporters Protest CNN Building in Hollywood

Supporters of Bernie Sanders said they were unhappy corporate news media has covered Donald Trump so extensively

An estimated 2,000 Bernie Sanders supporters lined both sides of Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood Sunday outside of the CNN building's Los Angeles bureau to protest the network's political coverage — or what they say is lack thereof — of the presidential hopeful.

Sanders supporters said they were unhappy that corporate news media has covered Donald Trump's campaign extensively, but ignoring issues that Sanders is focusing on.

"I think a lot of candidates have been treated unfairly, but I think some have been obviously favored," said Stephanie Lieb, a Sanders supporter. "(Like) Trump and Hillary. Those are really the two that everyone's hearing about. People are hearing about Bernie but they don't understand what he's about."

The protest was being streamed live on the Internet. Los Angeles police cars were visible, parked along the street.

"I used to be a CNN junkie, I used to watch it 24/7," said one protester on the feed. "Now, CNN spends 90 percent of the time covering Trump, and there are so many issues other than Trump arguing or bickering with people."

Los Angeles police said they were aware of the peaceful protest. No arrests were reported, and march organizers said on the video feed that they were working with police to ensure all laws would be followed.

The CNN national desk was unable to provide a spokesperson for the cable channel Sunday.

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