Protester Flips Off Audience at Trump's SC Rally

Donald Trump took issue with a protester who flipped two middle fingers at him at his rally in South Carolina.

The protester held up a hand-written sign at Trump's rally Tuesday that read: "Keep America Great. Keep All Immigrants." The individual was surrounded, a scuffle ensued, and the sign was taken down by other rally attendees.

"Oh, that's class," Trump, who often uses harsh or offensive language at his rallies, said as the protester was escorted out of the Riverview Park Activity Center in North Augusta. "Isn't that terrible?"

The crowd roared in agreement and Trump asked two of the men who dealt with the individual to come up on the stage.

"Do not let them intimidate you!" the first man said of the protesters. He praised Trump's candidacy, saying, "We need to get some fresh blood up there, some fresh thinking... Donald Trump, you're the best we've got by far!"

The second man introduced himself as an Iraq war veteran and the crowd erupted in cheers and chants of "USA, USA!".

"If it wasn't for Mr. Trump right here, I don't think any of us would have the voice that we have. This is the only man that's going to really bring America back," he said. 

"We need you," he later added. 

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