Facebook Partners with Recipe-Sharing Foodily


Start-up Foodily, a recipe search engine, is now partnering with Facebook to bring its menus, foodie  photos and recipe-sharing to the social network.

Users of Foodily, a San Mateo-based start-up, can now post a menu for a Facebook event, swap recipes and share foodie porn (the photogenic images of a well-done dish,) according to the Andrea Cutright on the Foodily blog.

Started in 2000 by two former Yahooligans, the start-up received $5 million in funding last year.Their website is probably the best recipe search engine I've seen because it allows users to see all recipes side-by-side, making it easier to see which one has a special ingredient, no flour or would be the easiest to cook.

"People love to plan meals, share recipes and go out to eat," Cutright, who held several marketing positions at Yahoo from 1999 to 2007, told USA Today. "With so many people playing games on Zynga or shopping, why not food?"

While websites devoted to recipes and baking may not have the cachet of those aimed at venture capital and mobile technology, it does revolve around a $1 trillion food industry. So perhaps Facebook's partnership with a small start-up now makes much more sense.

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