Flaws in Redistricting

Propositions 11 and 20 promised to change the political landscape of California by redrawing district lines based on non-partisan, objective criteria.

But the data used to draw some of those lines may have been flawed, according to Dr. Michael Ward of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission.

A key basis for building the redistricting maps were what Ward called "main themed wrap-ups" where map makers compiled data from the communities they visited and then "boiled it down"  to a main theme.

"There's no question that part of the data that the commission was presented,"  said Ward, "was incorrect, was just flat wrong."

Despite the errors in the wrap-ups, Ward said the commissioners used the data to draw district lines.

"When I tried to follow up on it, it took weeks later after several versions of the maps had been built and completed," Ward said, " to determine in fact there was no input that supported those main themes."

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