Refugee Crisis: Family's Journey From Syria to Germany

It's nearly 100 degrees in Idomeni, and the thousands of refugees waiting for their number to be called in the Greek border town have nowhere to escape the blazing sun.

Among them is 29-year-old Salma, her husband Tarek, their two children — aged five and two — her niece Jana, mother, and best friend Nour. 

Salma's family is one of thousands that fled the horrors of the war in Syria. 

"They attack us with gun, with helicopter, with everything," she said. "They attack us, they destroy our house... we didn't have anything. We lost everything in Syria."

Asked Where they are going: "Right now we don't know," she said. "Greece, Macedonia, then Serbia, then Hungaria then we don't know. We don't know if they let us go to Germany." 

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