“Resident Evil: Afterlife” Coming In All Its James Cameron-y 3D Glory

The first trailer for "Resident Evil: Afterlife" dropped this weekend, with all the fighting and exploding and zombies you could ask for. But the trailer also touts one all-too-rare feature: the latest 3D technology.

If you've had the misfortune of seeing "Clash of the Titans," -- and many of you did, judging by the box office numbers -- you know that among the film's myriad problems is how terrible and pointless the 3D was. In fact, subsequent viewings of clips from "Clash" on TV look markedly better than anything you see in a 3D showing of the film.

The problem is that rather than being shot in 3D, "Clash" was shot in 2D and then later converted into 3D. This is a terrible idea, as James Cameron tried to warn us last month. And he should know, seeing as he helped invent the 3D technology that made "Avatar" such a spectacle.

So the savvy folks at Sony, no doubt aware of the grumbling about the lousy 3D in "Clash," have inserted a title card towards the front of the "Resident Evil" trailer touting that the movie was, "FILMED WITH THE JAMES CAMERON / VINCENT PACE FUSION CAMERA SYSTEM."

Which is to say you can expect the 3D in the latest "Resident Evil" to look every bit as awesome as "Avatar," if that message wasn't clear enough for you.

Well played, Sony.

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