Retro-mazing Trailers Are a Modernism Week Favorite

Small spaces, huge pizzazz: Spend two days exploring several wheeled wonders, in Palm Springs.

Gregg Felson

SO YOU'RE ON THE OPEN HIGHWAY, and, yes, we're throwing "open" down there in the most poetic and fanciful sense, given that, as a rule, highways tend to be rather open-ish. Then? You pass something that is more than a passing fancy, in your book. It's sleek, it has oodles of oomph, and it speaks to old-school road-tripping, fresh horizons, and pared-down, revved-up adventuring. Yes, you've just come upon a vintage trailer, out on the road, and whatever vehicle it is rolling behind matters not. You'd love nothing less than to see the inside of the trailer, to chat with the person who owns and upkeeps it, and to maybe, one day, call a canned ham or luxed-out Airstream your very own. Where, though, can you go to deepen such dreams, oh lover of highway-historic vehicles?

PALM SPRINGS, during Modernism Week, of course. That's now the place, and the popular multi-day event, where vintage trailer owners, fans, and lookie-loos do gather, for two-days of peeking inside, of talking shop, and, perhaps finding a few snazzy ideas for your own trailer, whether you have one now or hope to one day. The 2019 dates are Saturday, Feb. 23 and Sunday, Feb. 24, the location is 555 N. Palm Canyon Drive, and a ticket is $25 (kids ages 12 and under will be admitted for free). So what exactly will you see? Prepare to be wowed by a...

"THOUGHTFULLY CURATED... collection of vintage trailers, campers, buses, and motorhomes," with "unique and rare vintage RVs" making a strong showing. Will a few lawn chairs be out, and pink flamingos, and sunshades, and the sort of decorations that add delight to these sleek wonders o' the road? Plenty of owners truly do it up, making this one of the most merry parts of the ever-merry Modernism Week. For more information, visit the Vintage Trailer Show page, then get to visualizing how you, too, will one day have your very own. Unless, of course, you already do. If so, nifty, neato, and nice: You're rocking the authentic road-trippin' lifestyle.

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