Rob Riggle Will Change Jurisdiction for Part in Next “Hangover”

Rob Riggle's classroom taser scene in "Hangover"  was one of the highlights of last year's breakout comedy.

But he's not expecting the sadistic Officer Franklin to hang up the Las Vegas police badge anytime soon to follow the cast for the upcoming sequel.

"I'd love to," Riggle tells PopcornBiz. "But I don't think they are going to write Officer Franklin back into the screenplay."

Besides, Riggle has been following the trades and knows "The Hangover 2" will likely have an exotic location -- with reports of Mexico and Thailand both being discussed and disputed on the internet.

That's a little tough for even the most worldly Las Vegas cop.

"It would be a little hard for me to show up overseas and be like, 'Hey, now I'm working for Interpol,' " says Riggle.

He's more than happy to work on his obnoxiousness in projects which include the "Killers" -- where he plays a drinking buddy of Ashton Kutcher.

"I like my character since he's obnoxious," says Riggle of the movie opening Friday. "And I get to do some fighting and some driving."

"Being obnoxious and fighting and driving is not far from me, so I really enjoyed it."

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