Robert Pattinson's Hair Is the Holy Grail for MTV's “The Buried Life”

It’s the Holy Grail of “Twilight” collectibles: a lock of Robert Pattinson’s hair.

Pattinson’s distinctively mussed tresses have enjoyed a degree of celebrity all their own for a while now, but on tonight’s episode of MTV’s “The Buried Life,” R-Patz’s locks are at the center of the show’s latest impossible mission.

“We got dared by our Facebook fans to steal a lock of Robert Pattinson’s hair,” “Buried Life’s” Dave Lingwood, who embarks each week with co-stars Ben Nemtin, Dustin Penn and Jonnie Penn to tackle one of “100 things to do before you die,” told Popcorn Biz. “So it’s us going after Robert and getting his hair.”

“That was SO hard – He’s a hard gut to try to track down,” said co-star Ben Nemtin. “We ended up getting to him – but there’s a surprise at the end.”

“It was really weird when I went up to talk to him, but he was really cool, just a regular, down-to-earth guy,” added Lingwood. “He was definitely a little weirded out, though, by what I was asking.”

Pattinson’s not the only guest star the show has lined up as the second season draws to a close. “Jersey Shore’s” Pauly D makes an appearance in the Pattinson episode (“Pauly D says what he wants to do before he dies,” revealed Nemtin); and “Mad Money” host Jim Kramer advises the group on how to make $1 million (“We actually hold the record in Vegas for the biggest roulette spin in the history of Vegas,” teased Duncan Penn).


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