The Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cancer Comedy Finally Gets a Title

The cancer comedy formerly known as "I'm With Cancer" shall henceforth be referred to as "Live With it."

The movie, based on TV producer Will Reiser's ("Da Ali G Show") script about his own battle with cancer in his 20s, is being directed by James Levine ("The Wackness") and features a great cast.

We loved the title "I'm With Cancer," but have to admit it would have made for a tough sell. It was also known as "The Untitled Cancer Comedy," which was also pretty great. No matter how you slice, "Live With It" is something of a letdown.

Here's the synopsis from IMDB:

Adam Schwartz (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a 25-year old lives a genuine, nice, decent, and simple life, he has a beautiful girlfriend Rachel (Bryce Dallas Howard), he works at a museum with his best friend Seth (Seth Rogen), who tends to complicate his life in humorous, but annoying ways. However, everything couldn't be any better until he comes to the realization of being diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. Considering his youth and healthy life style, Adam is at first in disbelief, but in reality knows it is real. Without having a choice, Adam decides to go through the process of chemotherapy in order to survive. He goes on to tell his parents, friends and Rachel with having their attention totally thrown off, but in total support. To get his mind off of his ordeal, Adam starts to see Katie (Anna Kendrick) a young, cute 26-year old medical student who helps him cope with the psychological process. As time goes on and his youth slowly begins to fade, Adam comes to many terms in life that never were brought to his attention before while going through the overwhelming situation of beating cancer and to appreciate what he has in life.

We are huge fans of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is putting together a nice body of work (rent "Brick" if you haven't seen it yet). The guy's never lacked for work, but maybe this project, coming on the heels of "Inception," will get him the recognition he deserves -- not that he needs it.

Now that the title's been firmed up, you would have to imagine some art or a trailer or maybe even a release date is on the way.

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