Rokerthon Revived: Al Roker Provides Live Coverage of Blizzard

Rokerthon is back!

Al Roker, who broke the Guinness World Record for the longest uninterrupted live weather report broadcast in November, is providing continuous coverage of the blizzard pummeling the Northeast.

In a special edition of Rokerthon, the veteran weatherman will offer continuous forecasts, analysis and video coverage of the blizzard.

On Tuesday, Roker will continue anchoring his special coverage from 4 a.m.–7:00 a.m. ET, which will stream live on and

On Monday, Roker provided continuous forecast, analysis, and video coverage of the extreme weather impacting the Northeast from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. ET.

Back in November, Roker beat the 33-hour record set in September by Norwegian TV personality Eli Kari Gjengedal, forecasting weather live for 34 hours.

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