Rose McGowan Defends Renee Zellweger, Slams ‘Vile' Film Critic

The "Charmed" star called Gleiberman's critique "indefensible" and "vile, damaging, stupid and cruel"

Actress Rose McGowan is taking a film critic to task for writing that Renee Zellweger no longer looks like herself, but rather a victim of "Invasion of the Face Snatchers." 

In an op-ed piece for The Hollywood Reporter, McGowan calls Variety film critic Owen Gleiberman a bully and "an active endorser of what is tantamount to harassment and abuse of actresses and women."

McGowan responded to a column Gleiberman wrote last week on the trailer for "Bridget Jones's Baby," the third film in the franchise starring Zellweger as the title character. Gleiberman writes that the Oscar winner no longer looks like Bridget Jones. He says that while watching the trailer he "felt like something had been taken away."

The "Charmed" star called Gleiberman's critique "indefensible" and "vile, damaging, stupid and cruel."

"Men like you and the women who sit idly by and say nothing should know that aiding and abetting is a moral crime, and if it were punished in Hollywood, most of you would be in some form of jail," she wrote.

Citing her own personal experience of harassment, McGown recounts being "forced" by a studio to go on "The Howard Stern" show where she was asked to show him her labia "while my grinning male and female publicists stood to the side and did nothing to protect me."

Variety hasn't immediately returned a request for comment.

The Associate Press contributed to this story.

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