Samsung, Apple CEOs to Talk: Reports

Bloomberg via Getty Images

The slugfest over patents and who's-aping-who between Samsung and Apple has wound down its court testimony as of Friday. The next step is to hand everything over to the jury -- as early as Tuesday.. 

Prior to that hand-off, however, Samsung CEO Kwon Oh Hyun plans to have a telephone discussion with Apple CEO Tim Cook, according to The chat is court ordered, with Judge Lucy Koh suggesting that nobody really wins if the case goes to the jury.

Negotiations between the CEOs has been attempted before, but the chance for a breakthrough this late in the game is unlikely. Apple, famously secretive in all regards, has had to open its kimono more than ever in this trial, with the goal being to set an example for other companies to not copy Apple's look/feel in any real way. 

The case started last year with Apple suing Samsung and Samsung countersuing over the designs of mobile devices. Apple is seeking $2.5 billion in damages. Samsung seeks $399 million in royalties from Apple.

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