San Diego Realtor Helps Navy Veteran About to be Evicted

A San Diego Navy veteran will be evicted from his home on Monday but through the foreclosure process has found an unlikely friend

A San Diego Navy veteran who's spent the last two decades living in his Golden Hill home will be evicted on Monday, but an unlikely friend he made during the foreclosure process is helping to make sure he lands on his feet.

Inside his home, Robert Steeves, 80, has his prized possession, his piano.

"I joined the Navy in 1958 and was a musician that played the piano," Steeves said. "I hope to take this with me."

Steeves' home was foreclosed, and now he faces an unknown future.

"I would be out in the cold, and I wouldn't know what to do," he said.

However, through the foreclosure process, the veteran made an unlikely friend.

Realtor Josiah Kern, 28, met the veteran earlier this year to make a short sale to avoid foreclosure.

"Once it fell through, I told Robert I'm going to help him," said Kern.

For the past six months, their friendship has blossomed.

"About six months, we have gotten really close," said Kern. "He doesn't really have anyone taking him to get medication, so if he has accidents, I'll come and help him."

Steeves can only move with a walker and needs help from his oxygen tank.

"I got through it ok, I'm still kicking," said Steeves laughing.

"I went through foreclosures growing up and had a rough upbringing, so when I see situations I put myself and try to help," said Kern.

Steeves has no kids or family but said Kern is like a grandchild.

"I think it's like a message from heaven," said Steeves.

Kern set up a Facebook fundraiser to raise money for Steeves.

"The main goal right now is to raise as much money as we can to get him into assisted living," said Kern.

Steeves applied to Patriot Angels and was not eligible for VA aid and attendance benefits with them due to his service time.

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