Two Roots Brewing Co. to Sell in BevMo!

San Diego’s Two Roots Brewing Co. said it will soon sell its non-alcoholic, non-cannabis infused “craft beers” in BevMo! stores across California

Two Roots Brewing Co., the San Diego-based THC infused craft brewery, will begin selling its non-alcoholic product in BevMo! throughout the state of California.

According to a press release, this is the first entry in a series of nationwide expansion for the company’s non-alcoholic lager, IPA, wheat and seasonal styles.

“The demand for high-quality, healthier, low-calorie products continues to grow and we’re excited to partner with BevMo!, so that those who don’t find themselves visiting a dispensary can still enjoy the taste of our craft beers in their native form,” said Michael Hayford, CEO of Lighthouse Strategies, the parent company of Two Roots Brewing Co., via a statement.

“With the goal of reaching all consumers, Two Roots is the first cannabis brand to enter traditional retail, and in doing tackling three key beverage segments: craft beer, non-alcoholic craft beer and cannabis infused non-alcoholic craft beer...” he added.

Two Roots Brewing Co. has a tasting room in Ocean Beach.

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