San Francisco Police Officer Linked to Racist Texts is Fired

Three years after getting wrapped up in a racist text investigation, a San Francisco police officer has been fired.

Investigators said an anti-Muslim text message was discovered, sent from the officer's personal phone.

"Once you're sort of caught expressing any kind of message that shows bias, racial gender, whatever, I think that message is clear, that the police department will fire you," attorney Tony Brass said. "Bias in policing is a very serious issue."

The text message, sent in 2014, was uncovered during the criminal investigation of two other SFPD officers.

"Well, police officers take an oath to be non-biased, and I think they should stick by that," David Mizer, of San Francisco, said.

The unnamed officer who sent the text expressed remorse over it and even met with Muslim community leaders and voluntarily worked security detail at mosques after the incident. None of that was enough to persuade the new chief to keep him, a move that surprised some.

"When we work with a police officer who's done more to express remorse, and he does affirmative things to imrove himself and communicated directly with that community, that there's no forgiveness, there's no second chance, I'm surprised by that," Brass said.

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